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We’ve just kicked off a little collaboration with our Shoreditch neighbours SlickFlick on something a bit different and makery: SlickFlick produces a free iPhone app for making photo-stories, and we’ve provided them with a Makies theme, complete with backgrounds, captions and a bunch of super cute stickers - all free to use on the SlickFlick app, starting today.

Makie comics and how-tos are (always) dancing in my head, and I’d love to see this help Makie-makers who want to share what they’ve done, but aren’t sure where to start.

Onward to the press release!


Makies comic toolkit now live in SlickFlick

New maker-friendly iPhone photostory theme released today


London – 28th March 2013 – MakieLab and SlickFlick are delighted to announce today’s launch of a brand new Makies theme for the SlickFlick iPhone app, which enables users to create sharable animated comics and photostories with a dash of Makie panache.


Inspired by MakieLab’s user-designed 3D-printed dolls, and matching the design style of the Makies website at, the Makies theme includes versatile backgrounds, colourful stickers and customisable captions that reflect the creative spirit shared by makers of all kinds.


Coupled with the free SlickFlick app, the Makies theme offers a complete and easy to use toolkit for creating a wide range of stories to share online with friends: how-tos, before & afters, vignettes featuring uniquely customised Makie dolls (naturally!) and much more. Made something awesome? Makie it up, share it in SlickFlick and show everyone how it’s done!


Starting today, the MakieLab elves will be on the lookout for SlickFlick stories that use the Makies theme, and reposting them to the Makie Stories tumblr. On Monday 15th April, the top three most popular Makies-themed stories will win a super-elite 3D-printed prize! More information, along with story highlights and all the latest news about Makies, can be found on the Makies blog.


About MakieLab and Makies

Makies™ is a world-first: a customisable 3D-printed action figure, CE-marked and EU-certified safe for kids aged 3+. Makies are designed by users at and the Makies Doll Factory app for iPad, and are produced by MakieLab, a London-based company making internet-connected customisable playthings. Formed in 2011, MakieLab has created technology to create physical toys from digital game objects, starting with avatars. Martha Lane Fox is the Chair of MakieLab. For more information about MakieLab and Makies, please visit or


About SlickFlick

SlickFlick is an iPhone app and web content platform that allows users to create and view photo comics on the fly. SlickFlick breaks down content to its basic parts and reassembles it in a hybrid medium made of photos, graphics, captions and animations that can be easily put together inside the app. The stories can be shared instantly on the SlickFlick website and via social media channels including Facebook, twitter and tumblr. For more on SlickFlick, download the app at, visit the website at or follow @Slickflick on twitter or Facebook.




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