About Us

MakieLab has developed a system of creating objects using game technologies - 3D Studio Max, Unity, 3D objects - and transmogrifying them into 3D-printable toys complete with internal working joints.

Which means = we can model toys then manufacture toys, overnight.

There are some limitations to this emerging tech, like the plastic is only available in porcelain white (although we can dye it), and it costs more to print objects in 3D than running off vinyl in the billions in China. BUT! The upsides are amazing: completely customisable toys. Toys that can be modified overnight. Toys made in Britain (ours are currently printed in London). Toys where you, the user, get to fiddle about and make something that suits you.

Our first product is Makies - 10″ dolls created by you! Makies are CE marked, Lion marked, and EU certified safe for kids aged 3 and up. Award-winning, too!

We’re developing more skin colours, fun clothes, lots more accessories and awesome things to do. A game to make your own amazing Makie clothes. Tools to create patterns and effects, achievements, many creative endeavours…

We hope you love MAKIES. We also hope you’ll help us build it into something you want.

Why not have a go?